How to uninstall QNIT Programs

If for any reason you would like to uninstall any program provided by QNIT Software we would like to make the process as straight forward for you as possible so here is a step by step guide. If what you wish to uninstall is any of the extra apps offered during the installation process please click here.

  1. Open up your Control Panel and then click on “Programs and Features”.


  2. That should then bring up the box as pictured below. The list of your Programs will be in alphabetical order, scroll down until you find the name of the QNIT program you wish to uninstall and double click on it.

    QNIT full uninstall screen 4

  3. When this message appears click on Yes and you will uninstall the QNIT program and all of its features.

    QNIT full uninstall screen 5

We hope you have found this guide useful.